Singapore is a small island country that is located in heart of South-East Asia. Its population is predominantly made up of Chinese diaspora from the Fujian province of China during WWI & WWII; as well as some Caucasians, Indians and Malays as minorities. As for the real estate market, Singapore has some very foreigner-friendly policies for foreigners to invest in properties here. However due to property speculation, the authority introduced stringent curbs and taxes few years back to prevent a property bubble.

Fortunately, compared to its Malaysia counterpart Singapore is still a very developed first world country, henceforth its citizens can take home high income and enjoy world-class infrastructure of the country. This is further evidenced by the strong Singapore Dollar currency, whereby during the old days right after the country's independence the Ringgit was about RM0.80 to SGD1, but now it is SGD1 to RM3.20.

The following chart shows the stark contrast of Singapore's stellar economic growth compared to its poor neighbour Malaysia:

Unfortunately, Singapore also has one of the lowest human happiness index scores in the world. With so little land mass and natural resources, most Singaporeans have no choice but to study and work hard to survive; leave very little time for relaxation. Well, the results to this is Singapore now has the most millionaires per capita in the world, as 3 out of 10 citizens are millionaires.

Furthermore, the property price boom in Singapore has created thousands of mom and pop's millionaires across the board, as most Singaporean citizens own at least an HDB flat. Singapore also has one of the lowest unemployment rates and mortgage interest rates in the world, with a stable job one can secure a 30-year home mortgage for as little as 1.xx%.

The following chart shows Singapore's overnight interest rates over the years: