Butterworth, Seberang Perai

Butterworth is a city that located in Seberang Perai, Penang. It is one of the busiest port cities of the country and many shipping companies are located here.

Some of the notable landmarks in this city include Taman Bagan Jermal, Taman Mesra Jaya, Taman Bagan, Taman Melur and Orange 3.

This city has many amenities nearby, for example schools, universities and hospitals. The following are some main schools here:

As for universities, there are Open University Malaysia Pulau Pinang, Paramount College Of Technology, Penang International Dental College and Stradford International College. There are also some hospitals here, i.e. Seberang Jaya Hospital and The Bodywork Tcm Medical Centre.

Latest Butterworth for sale listings:

YesterdayHouse1,904 sfRM2,400,000
YesterdayHouse2,645 sfRM1,850,000
YesterdayHouse1,160 sfRM1,600,000
YesterdayHouse3,400 sfRM1,200,000
YesterdaySemi-Detached2,800 sfRM1,400,000
YesterdayHouse2,000 sfRM1,150,000
YesterdaySemi-Detached1,046 sfRM1,300,000
YesterdayHouse3,000 sfRM1,750,000
YesterdaySemi-Detached2,484 sfRM920,000

Latest Butterworth for rent listings:

TodayCondominium1,100 sfRM1,800
YesterdayLow-Cost Flat850 sfRM750
15-Jun-19Low-Cost Flat1,100 sfRM1,000
15-Jun-19Low-Cost Flat1,300 sfRM990
15-Jun-19Condominium1,400 sfRM1,200
14-Jun-19Condominium1,077 sfRM1,200
14-Jun-19Condominium883 sfRM1,100
14-Jun-19Condominium1,200 sfRM1,000
14-Jun-19Condominium938 sfRM1,500
14-Jun-19Studio650 sfRM1,200

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