Ipoh, Perak

Ipoh is a city that is located in Perak, Malaysia. Some of the notable landmarks in this city include Sunway City Ipoh, Bandar Baru Sri Klebang, Meru Perdana, Taman Meru and Waterfront City. Besides, there are also some shopping malls here, such as Angsana Mall and Galleria By The Lake.

This city has some amenities nearby, such as, schools and hospitals. The following are some of the major schools here:

As for hospitals, there are Dr Ravindran Surgical & Colorectal Specialist Ipoh At Hospital Fatimah, Dr Vengatesh Ent Specialist Hospital Fatimah (Pakar Hidung Telinga Tekak, Hospital Fatima School Of Nursing, Hospital Fatimah, Teleme Medical Lab and Wad K1b Hospital Kuala Kangsar.

Latest Ipoh sale listings:

TarikhJenis HartanahBinaanHarga
TodayTerrace810 sfRM230,000
TodayBungalow8,100 sfRM1,100,000
TodayCondominium850 sfRM180,000
TodayTerrace800 sfRM199,000
TodayTerrace900 sfRM208,000
TodayTerrace2,420 sfRM300,000

Latest Ipoh rental listings:

TarikhJenis HartanahBinaanSewaan
TodayShop-Office4,620 sfRM3,600
TodayCondominium618 sfRM550
TodayCondominium515 sfRM500
23 Feb 2024Condominium1,080 sfRM1,500
23 Feb 2024Low-Cost Flat700 sfRM600
23 Feb 2024Condominium1,033 sfRM1,450
23 Feb 2024Condominium1,162 sfRM2,000
23 Feb 2024Condominium1,080 sfRM2,500
23 Feb 2024Condominium1,216 sfRM2,500
10 user comments on Ipoh
Zafar Isa
15 Jan 2020 @ 12:19 AM

Who are you to say that this place is not suitable for own stay or investment?

29 Apr 2020 @ 7:02 PM

It is a landed residential area and there are several units served as homestay as it is located near a tourist destination named Lost World of Tambun. There is an industrial area named Tambun Mara Industrial Area next to this residential area.

It is located in the centre of Ipoh town and it has good building management with good security. The management did not allow homestay in this apartment.

30 Apr 2020 @ 6:52 PM

This apartment is strategically located in the centre of Ipoh town. It has a poor building management and the facilities are not well-maintained with several cleanliness issues.

30 Apr 2020 @ 7:00 PM

The environment in this apartment is quite noisy as it is located next to PLUS Highway and the dust from smoke of the vehicles always accumulates if the windows are open.

It is a private apartment with well-maintained facilities and located strategically in the Ipoh town. There is no parking for visitors provided in this apartment.

It is a new and modern apartment that is located near the Ipoh town. This apartment is located close to eateries, mosque, schools, shopping mall, and supermarkets.

The apartment is located on the outskirts of Ipoh town and there is an industrial area near this apartment. The facilities in this apartment are well-maintained by the management.

Located between ipoh city centre and station 18. Got potential

Vk Yathis
7 Jun 2023 @ 10:20 PM

Can I get this house information and I would like buy house in this area