Bayan Lepas, Penang

Bayan Lepas is a city that is located in Penang, Malaysia. Commonly referred to as the 'airport area' by the Chinese Penangites because it is where the Penang International Airport is located. It is also a Free Industrial Zone where several multinational firms like AMD, Bosch, Dell, HItachi, and Intel, have set up their factory in the area. The population in the residential area is made up of 47% Malays, 37% Chinese, almost 8% are Indians, and a notable amount of almost 7% are foreigners.

Some of the notable landmarks in this city are Bayan City, Elit Heights, The One, Promenade and Taman Tunas Damai. Besides, there are also some shopping malls here, e.g. D'Piazza Mall, Sunshine Square and Trends.

This city has many amenities nearby, e.g. hospitals, schools and universities. The following are some hospitals here:

As for schools, there are SK Permatang Damar Laut, SMK Batu Maung and SMK Sungai Ara.

Latest Bayan Lepas for sale listings:

TodayCondominium700 sfRM250,000
26 Nov 2021Terrace1,800 sfRM1,000,000
24 Nov 2021Terrace3,000 sfRM950,000
24 Nov 2021Terrace4,000 sfRM1,299,000
24 Nov 2021Office1,000 sfRM320,000
24 Nov 2021Semi-Detached2,500 sfRM1,799,000
24 Nov 2021Condominium1,000 sfRM485,000
24 Nov 2021Condominium1,000 sfRM475,000
24 Nov 2021Condominium1,450 sfRM558,000
24 Nov 2021Condominium900 sfRM390,000

Latest Bayan Lepas for rent listings:

TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM500
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM550
TodayRoom In House-NA-RM600
TodayRoom In House-NA-RM600
TodayShop-Office2,330 sfRM5,000
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM580
TodayTerrace1,800 sfRM2,200
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM625
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM650
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM450
1 user comments on Bayan Lepas

Parking system here is a nightmare... The density is so high to the point where people need to double-park anywhere possible and leave the handbrake loose in case the other person wants to leave the parking spot. So always need to choose between 'to block' or 'to be blocked'.