Gelugor, Penang Island

Gelugor is a city that is located in Penang Island, Penang. It is considered a students' city, as the whole area is full of university students mainly from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Some of the notable landmarks in this city include The Light City, University Place, e-Gate, Desa Mutiara and Menara IJM. Besides, there are also some shopping malls here, such as Udini Square and The Palazzia.

This city has many amenities nearby, such as universities, hospitals and schools. The following are some of the major universities here:

As for hospitals, there are Lam Wah Ee Hospital and Optimax Eye Specialist Hospital (Penang). There are also some schools here, e.g. SK Jelutong Barat and School Of Computer Sciences.

Latest Gelugor for sale listings:

TodayCondominium1,636 sfRM1,200,000
TodayCondominium1,200 sfRM618,000
TodaySemi-Detached3,500 sfRM2,330,000
TodayCondominium789 sfRM360,000
TodayCondominium1,325 sfRM728,000
TodayCondominium1,200 sfRM680,000
20 Sep 2022Shop-Office1,097 sfRM768,000
17 Sep 2022Condominium1,600 sfRM780,000
11 Sep 2022Duplex2,200 sfRM1,300,000
15 Sep 2022Condominium1,343 sfRM660,000

Latest Gelugor for rent listings:

TodayCondominium1,550 sfRM1,500
TodayCondominium1,000 sfRM1,800
TodayCondominium1,300 sfRM3,000
TodayShop-Office950 sfRM3,800
TodayCondominium1,044 sfRM2,700
TodayShop-Office12,335 sfRM30,000
TodayShop-Office800 sfRM3,500
TodayCondominium1,302 sfRM2,200
16 Sep 2022Shop-Office950 sfRM3,800
16 Sep 2022Shop-Office430 sfRM1,500
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Beautiful place.. Love everything except for the rush hour jam.

Thiz person are scammer..