Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Cameron Highlands is a city that located in Pahang, Malaysia. It is a major tourist city of the country with attractions such cooling resorts, tea plantations, and strawberry farms. One can also find a peaceful community with a laid back outlook on life and beautiful scenes, and cold atmosphere grants a different affair upon the large numbers of guests every year.

Some of the notable landmarks in this city include Taman Royal Lily and Golden Hills.

This city has some amenities nearby, for example schools and hospitals. The following are some main schools here:

Latest Cameron Highlands for sale listings:

19-Jul-19Terrace3,124 sfRM1,380,000
06-Jul-19Condominium1,453 sfRM380,000
14-Jun-19Semi-Detached3,998 sfRM2,180,000
03-Jun-19Shop-Office6,260 sfRM1,660,000
31-May-19House3,000 sfRM2,200,000
25-Mar-19Low-Cost Flat958 sfRM425,000
25-Mar-19Low-Cost Flat968 sfRM320,000
14-Mar-19House4,675 sfRM3,000,000
11-Mar-19Low-Cost Flat1,140 sfRM450,000
11-Mar-19Low-Cost Flat813 sfRM330,000

Latest Cameron Highlands for rent listings:

26-Apr-19House1,700 sfRM300
26-Apr-19House1,700 sfRM300
27-Apr-19Agricultural Land-NA-RM2,800
19-Apr-19Low-Cost Flat1,500 sfRM300
18-Apr-19Terrace1,800 sfRM350
18-Apr-19Terrace1,800 sfRM350
18-Apr-19Low-Cost Flat1,200 sfRM230
14-Mar-19Agricultural Land-NA-RM2,000
06-Jan-19Low-Cost Flat1,200 sfRM1,500

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