Bandaraya Melaka, Melaka

Bandaraya Melaka (also known as Malacca City & formerly known as Bandar Melaka) is a city that is located in Melaka, Malaysia. Some of the notable landmarks in this city include Hatten City, Kota Laksamana Jaya, Taman Merdeka, Taman Cheng Perdana and Taman Malim Jaya. Besides, there are also some shopping malls here, for example Imperio Mall, Elements Mall, Marina 9 and Dataran Pahlawan.

This city has many amenities nearby, for example universities, schools and hospitals. The following are some main universities here:

As for schools, there are Malacca High School, Melaka International School, SJK (C) Chung Kuo, SJK (C) Pay Fong 2, SK (P) Durian Daun and SK Seri Bandar. There are also some hospitals here, i.e. Malacca Hospital, Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre and Putra Specialist Hospital.

Latest Bandaraya Melaka for sale listings:

TodayCondominium323 sfRM288,000
TodayCondominium936 sfRM72,900
TodayStudio463 sfRM283,500
TodayCondominium1,265 sfRM486,000
TodayStudio275 sfRM207,000
TodayTerrace1,281 sfRM150,000
TodayCondominium1,152 sfRM287,600
TodayTownhouse1,087 sfRM207,000
14-Nov-19Shop-Office4,412 sfRM810,000
14-Nov-19Shop-Office4,115 sfRM495,000

Latest Bandaraya Melaka for rent listings:

TodayRetail205 sfRM2,400
TodayRoom In House-NA-RM650
YesterdayRoom In House-NA-RM150
YesterdayRoom In House-NA-RM180
YesterdayRoom In House-NA-RM380
YesterdayRoom In House-NA-RM430
YesterdayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM400
14-Nov-19Room In House-NA-RM190
13-Nov-19Room In Apartment-NA-RM200
13-Nov-19Room In Apartment-NA-RM500

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