Terengganu, Malaysia

Terengganu is a state of Malaysia that is located in the east coast region of the country peninsula. It is well known for its beautiful islands, especially the Perhentian Islands, Redang Island and Pulau Kapas. Terengganu is divided into eight administrative districts namely Besut, Dungun, Hulu Terengganu, Kemaman, Kuala Nerus, Kuala Terengganu, Marang, and Seitu. Similar to Kelantan, Terengganu is also a state that is unique on its own where the main sub-group of Malays (those that resides in all the districts except for Besut and northern Setiu) speak Terengganu Malay, which is distinct but closely related to the Kelantanese. They have their own unique culture and tradition, one of it knowingly as Ulek Mayang. On the other hand, you also have the other sub-group of Malays known as the Besut Malays. Despite living in the state of Terengganu, they are culturally closer to and still maintains a strong relationship with the Kelantanese. Most of them converse in Kelantanese Malay dialect.

Not only are they similar in terms of culture but both states also experience the same climate due to their geographical location. They are often the first two states to experience the landfall of the northeast monsoon season each year which leads to floods in the lowland areas. During the northeast monsoon season, floods may last for two to three days or in severe cases, up to eight days.

The following shows the residential property transactions in Terengganu over the last few years:

Development wise, the Kuala Terengganu City Centre (KTCC) is part of the East Coast Economic Region (ECER)'s initiative to boost urban and coastal tourism by making the Terengganu state a tourism gateway to the region. The KTCC development integrates the existing Kuala Terengganu urban areas, merging them into one, naming it Heritage Waterfront City. The KTCC development plan includes a theme park, entertainment and retail outlets as well as commercial and residential units.

Latest Terengganu for sale listings:

TodayShop-Office2,799 sfRM364,500
13 Oct 2020House-NA-RM137,000
15 Oct 2020House-NA-RM145,000
15 Oct 2020House-NA-RM81,000
14 Oct 2020House-NA-RM110,000
15 Oct 2020House-NA-RM80,000

Latest Terengganu for rent listings:

15 Oct 2020Room-NA-RM175
12 Oct 2020Room In House-NA-RM200
7 Oct 2020Room-NA-RM400
6 Oct 2020Room In House-NA-RM200
5 Oct 2020Room In House-NA-RM400
5 Oct 2020Room In House-NA-RM300
5 Oct 2020Room-NA-RM220
1 Oct 2020Room In House-NA-RM250
29 Sep 2020Room In House-NA-RM140
26 Sep 2020Room In House-NA-RM120
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26 May 2019 @ 12:00 AM

A peaceful house area around here.

Clean and well maintained. Very comfortable and quiet.

20 Mar 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Perumahan okay, cuma sepanjang 2 tahun dah menetap di sini, kawasan perumahan bahagian belakang 2 kali terjejas akibat jalan banjir/air naik sampai atas jalan pada musim banjir. Tapi yang itu, saya rasa masih boleh diterima. Cuma kekerapan pembakaran yang dilakukan oleh beberapa penduduk yang membuatkan hilang keselesaan kerana menjejaskan kualiti udara yang sedia ada, sedangkan terdapat notis di bahagian masuk taman perumahan mengenai pembakaran. Oh ya, taman perumahan juga berdekatan dengan sekolah, kedai runcit, dan lain-lain (sila rujuk google maps) 👍

Location is good, easy to drive around and find places to eat. It is near to the airport and sea.