Perlis, Malaysia

Perlis is a state of Malaysia that is located in the northern region of the country peninsula, and is also the smallest state in Malaysia. The state capital is Kangar and the royal capital where the Raja, the 'King' resides in, is Arau. Perlis is the only state where the ruler is titled Raja. The border town, Padang Besar, is the main entry point to and from Thailand. The coastal fishing town of Kuala Perlis is a major departure point for the duty free island, Langkawi.

Wang Kelian, previously famous for its border market, Nat Wang Kelian, was a source of lucrative income for the people as well as the state. It used to be a free flow zone since 1993 where people from Thailand and Malaysia were allowed to move freely between Wang Prachan (Thailand) and Wang Kelian for shopping without the need to produce travel documents. However, the shopping haven turned into a ghost town when Malaysian authorities suspended the free flow zone after discovering the mass graves of illegal immigrants that were trafficked over.

The following shows the residential property transactions in Perlis over the last few years:

Perlis is trying to overcome their biggest challenge of insufficient income-generating activities and also for the first time in history has become an opposition state. However, the federal government has granted Perlis an allocation for development activities in the last budget. Perlis is planning to use its 2019 state budget of RM268.73 million to carry out six high-impact projects which were previously on hold. These projects are expected to push forward its economy.

Latest Perlis for sale listings:

TodayTerrace1,998 sfRM340,200
19-Dec-19Semi-Detached3,304 sfRM160,200
06-Sep-19Terrace1,110 sfRM140,400
03-Sep-19Terrace1,550 sfRM250,000
02-Aug-19Factory106,002 sfRM458,000
22-Jun-19Terrace720 sfRM90,000

Latest Perlis for rent listings:

13-Nov-19Room In House-NA-RM300
16-Oct-19Room In House-NA-RM170
11-Oct-19Room In House-NA-RM330
10-Oct-19Room In House-NA-RM380
25-Aug-19Room In House-NA-RM220
23-Aug-19Room In House-NA-RM170
10-Aug-19Room In House-NA-RM150
26-Jul-19Room In House-NA-RM250
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