Perak, Malaysia

Perak is a state of Malaysia that located in the northern region of the country peninsula. Perak is considered a connecting state between the northern and southern regions of the country peninsula. Visitors usually just stop over the state for meals and rest while traveling between Kuala Lumpur and Penang via the North-South Highway. The economy of this state depends mainly on agriculture and mining, whereby it is very rich in natural resources, especially limestones.

As for the real estate market, Perak has an affordable and dull property market, as property prices here hardly move up or down. The reason for this is because the population of Perak is actually shrinking, while the current population has been stagnant for many years at around 2.5 millions. Most of the locals usually move to the bigger neighbouring cities Kuala Lumpur and Penang to find better jobs once they finish studying.

The following shows the property transactions in Perak over the last few years:

The purchase restrictions of properties by foreigners in this state is similar to that of Kuala Lumpur, which is a minimum purchase price of RM1 million, as the state government hasn't imposed any additional curbs and taxes besides those of the Federal government. There are only a few property investment hotspots here, such as Ipoh, Marina Island, and Tambun, while the rest of Perak is mainly Malay kampungs (villages).

Latest for sale listings:

Date Type Builtup Price
Today Retail 1,300 sf RM295,000
Yesterday Apartment 1,890 sf RM570,000
Yesterday Apartment 1,890 sf RM570,000
Yesterday Condominium 1,162 sf RM588,000
Yesterday Condominium 1,290 sf RM549,000
Yesterday Low-Cost Flat 807 sf RM125,000
17-Jun-18 Condominium 1,345 sf RM540,000
17-Jun-18 Condominium 1,573 sf RM608,000
17-Jun-18 Condominium 1,446 sf RM330,000
17-Jun-18 Residential Land -NA- RM1,810,072

Latest for rent listings:

Date Type Builtup Rental
Today Room In House -NA- RM400
Today Room In House -NA- RM400
Today Room In House -NA- RM130
Yesterday Shop-Office -NA- RM1,600
Yesterday Retail -NA- RM1,300
Yesterday Room In House -NA- RM300
Yesterday Townhouse 2,017 sf RM2,300
Yesterday Terrace -NA- RM1,200
Yesterday Room In House -NA- RM500
17-Jun-18 Condominium 1,206 sf RM1,700