Perak, Malaysia

Situated in the northern region of the Malaysian peninsula, Perak is a pivotal state connecting the northern and southern regions of the country. Travelers frequently pause here for food and rest while journeying between Kuala Lumpur and Penang via the North-South Highway. The state's economy leans heavily on agriculture and mining, being particularly abundant in natural resources like limestone.

In the realm of real estate, Perak's property market is affordable but relatively static, with property prices showing minimal fluctuations. This lack of movement can be attributed to a declining population. Hovering around 2.5 million for several years, the number of residents is actually diminishing, as locals often migrate to larger neighboring cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang in search of improved job prospects post-studies.

Foreign property purchases in Perak are governed by regulations similar to Kuala Lumpur, requiring a minimum purchase price of RM1 million. This policy arises from the state government's decision to refrain from imposing any additional restrictions or taxes beyond those already enforced by the Federal government. The property investment hotspots in Perak are relatively few, namely Ipoh, Marina Island, and Tambun, while the rest of the state is predominantly composed of Malay kampungs (villages).

The following shows the residential property transactions in Perak over the last few years:

Endorsing Proton's plan to establish Tanjung Malim as a regional automotive hub, the Perak state government foresees the Proton City Automotive Hub stimulating job creation and impacting local communities and property markets positively. Expanding on this, the state government has also obtained approval from the federal government to establish a new district, Daerah Muallim, which will encompass Proton City, Slim River, and Tanjung Malim.

On a related note, Malaysia will soon welcome its first motorsports-themed modern integrated township development project, named T-City. Situated across a 172.5-hectare expanse in the Kinta and Kampar districts, T-City will feature a Formula 2 Circuit, an automotive factory outlet, street malls, and hotels. This development marks an exciting new chapter in Perak's journey towards increased industrialization and urbanization.

Latest Perak sale listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upPrice
TodayTerrace810 sfRM230,000

Latest Perak rental listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upRental
TodayShop-Office4,620 sfRM3,600
TodayCondominium618 sfRM550
TodayCondominium515 sfRM500
TodayLow-Cost Flat895 sfRM850
TodayCondominium1,000 sfRM1,800
24 Feb 2024Condominium1,000 sfRM1,600
23 Feb 2024Condominium280 sfRM400
23 Feb 2024Condominium1,080 sfRM1,500
23 Feb 2024Low-Cost Flat700 sfRM600
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Ng Lian Soon
27 Sep 2019 @ 10:25 PM

Nice place for retirement or vacation place, peaceful and safe environment. Enjoy stunning lake view and hill view. There are convenience shop, clinic and restaurants nearby.

Zafar Isa
15 Jan 2020 @ 12:19 AM

Who are you to say that this place is not suitable for own stay or investment?

29 Apr 2020 @ 6:50 PM

It is a guarded and gated residential area with well-maintained facilities. This area is located near Seri Manjung town and there are many amenities provided in this area such as banks, eateries, hospital, petrol stations, as well as shopping malls.

29 Apr 2020 @ 7:02 PM

It is a landed residential area and there are several units served as homestay as it is located near a tourist destination named Lost World of Tambun. There is an industrial area named Tambun Mara Industrial Area next to this residential area.

It is located in the centre of Ipoh town and it has good building management with good security. The management did not allow homestay in this apartment.

30 Apr 2020 @ 6:52 PM

This apartment is strategically located in the centre of Ipoh town. It has a poor building management and the facilities are not well-maintained with several cleanliness issues.

30 Apr 2020 @ 7:00 PM

The environment in this apartment is quite noisy as it is located next to PLUS Highway and the dust from smoke of the vehicles always accumulates if the windows are open.

It is a private apartment with well-maintained facilities and located strategically in the Ipoh town. There is no parking for visitors provided in this apartment.

It is a new and modern apartment that is located near the Ipoh town. This apartment is located close to eateries, mosque, schools, shopping mall, and supermarkets.

The apartment is located on the outskirts of Ipoh town and there is an industrial area near this apartment. The facilities in this apartment are well-maintained by the management.

Located between ipoh city centre and station 18. Got potential

Vk Yathis
7 Jun 2023 @ 10:20 PM

Can I get this house information and I would like buy house in this area

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