Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka, the third smallest state in Malaysia, is strategically nestled in the southern region of the Malaysian peninsula. Its rich history dates back to its establishment in 1402 by Parameswara, and since then, the state has weathered multiple conquests by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British, as well as a brief occupation by Japan. On April 1, 1946, Melaka became a part of the Malayan Union, paving the way to its modern-day standing. Often termed the "Historical City", Melaka's historical landmarks, such as A Famosa, St. Paul's Church, and Christ Church, draw not just international tourists but also locals. Its cultural and historical significance has been acknowledged globally, earning it the title of a UNESCO World Heritage site, an honour it shares with Georgetown in Penang.

Melaka's rich history is intertwined with fascinating legends, one of which involves the Emperor of China sending Princess Hang Li Po to wed the Sultan of Melaka as a sign of gratitude for his tribute. The nobles and servants who journeyed with the princess took root in Bukit Cina, eventually evolving into a distinctive Straits-born Chinese community known as Peranakan, or more colloquially as Baba-Nyonya. Today, the vibrant Baba-Nyonya culture, heritage, and delectable cuisine are major attractions that beckon tourists to Melaka. Its convenient location, a mere two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, makes it a favoured destination for short, historical immersion trips, museum visits, culinary adventures, or simple relaxation within its serene environment.

In addition to its historical charm, Melaka has adeptly kept pace with modern tourism trends, boasting a collection of Instagrammable cafes and hotspots. However, visitors should note that traffic can become congested during public and school holidays, due to the influx of tourists.

The following shows the residential property transactions in Melaka over the last few years:

Significant developments are on the horizon for Melaka as well. As per recent news, KAJ Development has regained its port operating licence for the Melaka Gateway and cruise terminal jetty in May 2019. This marks an important milestone, and as Datuk Michelle Ong, CEO of KAJ Development Sdn Bhd, shared with The Star, the international cruise terminal is set to be completed by September 2020, if not sooner. This new addition is anticipated to draw in tourists arriving by cruise ships, each potentially contributing a minimum of USD200 to the state's revenue, thereby significantly boosting the local economy.

Latest Melaka sale listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upPrice
TodayShop-Office489 sfRM139,000
TodayShop-Office489 sfRM139,000
TodayRetail362 sfRM161,000
TodayCondominium710 sfRM320,000
TodayTerrace2,792 sfRM382,500
TodayCondominium1,050 sfRM124,000
TodayCondominium1,270 sfRM371,800
TodayCondominium484 sfRM108,600
TodayTerrace1,300 sfRM220,000
TodayTerrace1,400 sfRM300,000

Latest Melaka rental listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upRental
TodayTerrace1,400 sfRM1,349
TodayCondominium900 sfRM699
TodayTerrace1,400 sfRM1,350
TodayStudio598 sfRM550
TodayStudio599 sfRM550
TodayStudio600 sfRM550
TodayStudio590 sfRM550
5 Jul 2024Semi-Detached4,280 sfRM3,200
5 Jul 2024Shop-Office2,938 sfRM5,500
5 Jul 2024Factory7,970 sfRM28,000
44 user comments on Melaka
6 Apr 2020 @ 7:16 PM

It is a guarded and private residential area with several villages located near to this area. The amenities available here are convenience stores, eateries, and supermarkets.

6 Apr 2020 @ 7:42 PM

It is a fully gated and guarded landed property units as well as located near the commercial and industrial area. This area is surrounded by the greenery view of the hills even though located near the town.

This apartment is mostly occupied by the students as it is located near the Multimedia University (MMU). The rental price of its units are quite low.

7 Apr 2020 @ 2:13 PM

It is a landed residential area with modern village concept and ideal for the young people as it is affordable as well as located close to the Alor Gajah town.

It is a modern and luxurious apartment which is located facing the sea of the Malacca Straits as well as close to the historical sites that are famous among the tourists.

The unit is quite small and suitable for the young people, small family, or short-term accommodation. The cleanliness is quite poor as no garbage disposal provided and poor parking management.

This apartment is located near to the steel factory and sometimes it releases its steel dirt and pollutes the surrounding area. There are many foreigner students who rent here.

The rental price is quite low with there are eateries and convenience stores available here. It is located near to the Multimedia University (MMU).

8 Apr 2020 @ 11:22 AM

It is located quite close to the nearest town in Ayer Keroh and several tourist attraction spots such as Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort, Wet World Melaka, and Zoo Melaka.

8 Apr 2020 @ 11:50 AM

This residential area is located next to the AMJ Highway with its exit directly to this area. There are several shop lots available here which provide amenities such as eateries, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

This apartment is located next to AMJ Highway and there is an industrial area located near to this area. The building is quite old, but it was well-maintained with comfortable facilities provided.

It is an area with high density community as it is located near with the nearby town and visitor attraction spots such as Bayou Lagoon Park Resort, Gold Coast Malacca International Resort, as well as Magic Art 3D Museum.

It is a landed residential area with a high density population. There are several shop lots available here that provide amenities such as eateries, convenience stores and mini market.

This condominium is located near to the Malacca City with around ten minutes of driving and the famous eateries are within walking distance from here. The parking space is limited.

The condominium is located near to the town and there are many eateries around here. The parking is limited for two cars per unit and there have been cases of motorcycle thefts in this area.

9 Apr 2020 @ 5:35 PM

The exterior of the condominium is quite old but its facilities are in excellent condition as it is always maintained. It is close to the tourist attraction spots such as Dataran Pahlawan, Jonker Street, Kota Laksamana, and Mahkota Parade.

The environment around this apartment is quite noisy during night and there are many students rented here as the Multimedia University (MMU) is located nearby. The facilities are often cannot be used and the building is not well-managed.

10 Apr 2020 @ 8:15 PM

It is a luxurious apartment with large space in each unit and suitable for families. This apartment is located near to the Element Mall and there are many shop lots around this apartment.

This apartment is located near the Melaka town and there are many eateries available around here as it is located near the tourist spots as well as tourist accommodation places.

This apartment has a tight security and limited parking space for visitors. It has a lot of visitors on weekends as some units served as the accommodation place for tourists.

24 Nov 2020 @ 10:43 AM

The location was very close to downtown Jonker Street and within 10-15 minutes walking distance. There was however a bad smell of sewage coming from the bathroom. Plus, the place is full of cockroaches. On the other hand, it is very strategically located cuz close to nearby attractions.

24 Nov 2020 @ 11:35 AM

Nice place, very strategically located. Got many options for food and drinks here and within walking distance. A bit hectic during peak hour and holiday season which is understandable.

24 Nov 2020 @ 11:57 AM

The mall close down already. Please don't waste your time going here. There is nothing interesting here other than cinema. There's no restaurant to eat too. But the view is excellent.

Nice place, very near to city centre, just walking distance to attractions nearby. Good for a huge family like mine. The price to stay here is affordable and reasonable with its good location. The outdoor pool was clean, and not crowded. The facilities are adequate.

24 Nov 2020 @ 2:31 PM

Equipment in apartment is pretty outdated but security wise is okay. Spacious parking with guards in each block. Plus, access to the car park and lifts are also controlled by access cards but the building's lift is old and very slow. Overall is okay, suitable for people/big families with budget constraint.

24 Nov 2020 @ 2:39 PM

It's strategically located, near to many attractions in Melaka. The room is super comfy and beautifully decorated. Spacious with great sea view. However, the pool has a strict dress code to obey.

Ample parking spaces, got few shop lots opened but more abandoned shop lots. The place is dark and quiet at night.

Theres so many choice of food here. From satay to asam pedas can be found here. Parking is easy to find but it gets quite busy in the afternoon.

The exterior of the building looks unkept and worn off. Rubbish can be seen not collected in the area.

The villa is huge, spacious and good for big groups. Since its a new neighbourhood, its quite far from shops. Plus, the garden needs proper and consistent maintenance.

Overall, it's an old condo, but the interior is clean and nice. The pool was clean and enjoyable. It is very convenient because in front of the building, theres a grocery store. It is recommended that u take Grab/Taxi to Jonker Street.

The sea view is amazing from here. However, the security is really tight. Visitors are not allowed to use the pool. Plus, its about 25 mins to Jonker Street and most of the attractions in Melaka but near to Pantai Klebang and few kids activities atleast.

In front of the neighbourhood got a row of shops but most of it is abandoned. However, u can still find anything you're looking for within short drive. The beach is super close. Can just walk to the beach in less than 10 minutes.

Strategically located because its very near to Pusat Bandaraya Melaka. Best part is that it is within 1km-5km to nearby Klebang's attraction such as, Coconut Shake Klebang Original and Keria Antarabangsa Hj Jalil. If you wish to visit Melaka Raya area, need to drive for about 20 mins to reach there.

Strategic location with ample parking spaces but theres too many vacant shop lots here with only a few that is operating.

Great neighbourhood with easy access to the beach. Can find nearby foodcourts, restaurant and mini market within 2 mins drive and 5 mins drive to Melaka Raya.

Overall the house is quite nice. It is also huge with one master bedroom, 2 standard rooms, and one small room. The neighbourhood is peaceful with amazing seaside view. Night market is also available here near the beach from 4-11pm.

This is a 5 star luxury condo with beachfront view in Malacca city with gated and guarded condo. Plus, access to all major amenities and attraction such as, international schools, specialist hospitals, shopping malls, golf was easy. Only took 15 mins to reach Melaka City Centre.

26 Nov 2020 @ 9:47 AM

Piping system here is not so good, but was given warranty in case of faulty in future. Overall, the first modern kampung concept in Melaka and its a very, very nice and calm place to live.

26 Nov 2020 @ 9:55 AM

The bungalow is spacious enough for big families. However, cleanliness is a big issue and the units need a serious upkeeping. It is also badly maintained and managed. It looks old and smelly. Plus, the swimming pool floor was broken thus very dangerous to swim.

26 Nov 2020 @ 10:49 AM

It is a Malay-majority residential area which consists of mainly landed properties. Suitable for families as school and kindergarden are just 2-3 mins away. The area is also strategically located to many amenities and eateries. Plus, can access to Bandar Melaka within 25 mins drive.

27 Nov 2020 @ 11:30 AM

A malay majority neighbourhood and a friendly neighbourhood. Location is strategic because very near to the nearest bank, school, gas station, econsave, police station and mosque within 5-10 mins drive only. Easy access to Lebuhraya SPA.

27 Nov 2020 @ 11:45 AM

The house is spacious for a townhouse. Mostly townhouse is around 1000 sqft. But here its 1660 sqft with big compound area. Very worth at its price value. Plus, this town house is the same size as a single-storey 22 x 70 terrace house. Location wise, its near to school, banks and eateries but, its 5 mins away from industrial area.

27 Nov 2020 @ 11:56 AM

Kejiranan yang harmoni, tenteram dan selamat dan sangat sesuai untuk duduk sendiri atau sewaan. Lokasi yang strategik hanya 5 minit ke Pekan Jasin dan berdekatan dengan pelbagai kemudahan seperti kedai, pasaraya, sekolah, tadika, balai polis dan masjid. Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah, Pejabat Tanah Jasin, JKR juga berdekatan dengan lokasi ini.