Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur (also known as KL) is the capital city of Malaysia. The metropolitan area of KL, or Greater KL, has a population of around 7 millions. It is the most racially diverse city in Malaysia, with the population made up of mainly Malays, Chinese, Indians, Banglas, and Indons. The public transportation in this city is very well built, with many LRT & MRT train lines, supported by RapidKL shuttle buses.

As for the real estate market, Kuala Lumpur has the most expensive properties in the country due to it being the capital city and houses many GLC & multinational headquarters. Besides, KL also has the most foreigner-friendly real estate investment policies by the federal government, as foreigners can easily buy any residential properties here without any restrictions, as long as the price is above RM1 million.

The following shows the property transactions in KL over the last few years:

Most foreigners who invest in KL properties usually prefer high-end condominiums in the few expat-friendly hotspots, such as Jalan Ampang, KLCC, and Mont Kiara. On the other hands, the locals will prefer landed residential properties in established neighbourhoods, such as Bangsar, Damansara Heights, Desa ParkCity, and Taman Desa. This observation may be due to foreigners prefer condo facilities for their families' enjoyment, while the locals look more towards capital appreciation of the land their house built on.

Latest Kuala Lumpur for sale listings:

TodayCondominium1,098 sfRM357,210
TodayCondominium1,272 sfRM605,100
TodayCondominium1,109 sfRM693,000
TodayCondominium1,092 sfRM730,000
TodayCondominium1,200 sfRM769,500
TodayCondominium891 sfRM963,000
TodayCondominium1,173 sfRM328,050
TodayCondominium1,630 sfRM473,900

Latest Kuala Lumpur for rent listings:

TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM172
TodaySemi-Detached3,000 sfRM2,800
TodayCondominium912 sfRM1,500
TodayApartment825 sfRM1,450
TodayApartment550 sfRM2,500
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM210
TodayCondominium1,432 sfRM2,500
TodayCondominium885 sfRM800
TodayCondominium855 sfRM1,400
TodayCondominium1,000 sfRM1,650