Kelantan, Malaysia

Kelantan, located in the east coast region of Malaysia, is a state known for its distinct local culture and dialect, which its people take great pride in. The predominant ethnic group in Kelantan is the Kelantanese Malay, and they have managed to preserve rich Malay traditions, including kite-flying contests, top-spinning contests, bird singing competitions, and various traditional handicrafts like batik, kain songket, paintings, and wood carvings. Despite these cultural aspects, Kelantan's economy relies heavily on cash crops such as paddy, rubber, and tobacco, along with fishing and livestock rearing.

The Kelantanese Malay dialect, known as Kelantanese Malay, is remarkably different from the standard Malay language. Even those fluent in standard Malay may encounter difficulties in understanding the dialect. This distinctiveness extends to the culinary scene as well, with notable dishes like Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu being highly recognized.

Similar to its neighboring state, Terengganu, Kelantan experiences a similar climate due to their geographical proximity. Both states are often the first to bear the impact of the northeast monsoon season, resulting in floods in lowland areas. The northeast monsoon season can last from two to three days and, in severe cases, extend up to eight days.

The following shows the residential property transactions in Kelantan over the last few years:

Kelantan received positive news from Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, who approved five development projects under the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP). These projects include the construction of the East Coast Highway 3 (LPT3), the Central Spine Road (CSR), and the extension and upgrading of the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Pengkalan Chepa. Additionally, the Kota Baru-Kuala Krai highway and the Palekbang bridge to Kelantan are part of the approved initiatives. These developments signify promising prospects for Kelantan's growth and infrastructure enhancement.

Latest Kelantan sale listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upPrice
TodayBungalow2,685 sfRM410,000
TodayBungalow3,818 sfRM672,300
22 May 2023Shop-Office-NA-RM630,000
21 May 2023Terrace810 sfRM180,000
19 May 2023Shop-Office3,008 sfRM1,167,000
18 May 2023Bungalow-NA-RM400,000
18 May 2023Commercial-NA-RM900,000
18 May 2023Bungalow2,085 sfRM438,000
18 May 2023Bungalow2,685 sfRM410,000
18 May 2023Terrace900 sfRM99,000

Latest Kelantan rental listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upRental
TodayCondominium789 sfRM1,200
26 Jan 2022House Room-NA-RM190
26 Jan 2022House Room-NA-RM250
26 Jan 2022House Room-NA-RM250
22 Jan 2022Room-NA-RM600
21 Jan 2022Condominium506 sfRM2,000
17 Jan 2022Commercial Room-NA-RM170
17 Jan 2022House Room-NA-RM220
15 Jan 2022House Room-NA-RM200
13 Jan 2022House Room-NA-RM250
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16 Apr 2020 @ 10:25 PM

Within walking distance to amenities such as banks and eateries, as well as Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM). Some units are put up for short stays like Airbnb, Agoda, and Booking. A Malay-majority area.

16 Apr 2020 @ 11:44 PM

Marketed as the tallest building in the state and the golden triangle of the city because of its strategic location in the heart of the city.

17 Apr 2020 @ 6:42 PM

Expensive residential development. Selling point:

1. First premium gated and guarded community
2. Elevated living & park