Kedah, Malaysia

Kedah is a state of Malaysia that is located in the northern region of the country peninsula, consisting of the mainland and also the famous Langkawi islands. Kedah is also named the rice bowl of Malaysia because the mainland is known for being the largest producer of rice in Malaysia. Meanwhile, Langkawi is known as the duty-free island and as of 27th March 2019, there is no limit to how much alcohol and tobacco an individual can purchase in the island. However, the restrictions for bringing the items out still applies.

Kedah has lower household income compared to more affluent states like Johor, Penang, and Selangor. However, it is balanced with lower cost of living, more affordable homes, and less-densed environment. The most active area for residential and township is Sungai Petani, which has the most number of new launches and projects under construction. Other popular areas for developments are Kuala Ketil (between Kulim and Sungai Petani), Jitra (fourth largest town in Kedah), and Kulim (house of Kulim Hi-Tech Park).

The following shows the residential property transactions in Kedah over the last few years:

Kedah will receive nearly RM5 billion in high impact infrastructure projects and development from the federal government under the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP). The projects approved include the Kulim International Airport development valued at RM1.6 billion, a highway from Bandar Baharu to Sungai Petani and another from Bandar Baharu to the Penang's second bridge, the Sidam Manufacturing Industry and Logistics Hub, the Alor Setar Digital library and the Gurun Petrochemical Industrial Park.

Latest Kedah for sale listings:

TodayTerrace680 sfRM200,000
TodayIndustrial Land-NA-RM8,310,600
16-Feb-20Retail2,185 sfRM278,000
16-Feb-20Terrace1,206 sfRM150,000
16-Feb-20Terrace1,040 sfRM170,000
16-Feb-20Terrace1,507 sfRM140,000
16-Feb-20Terrace1,399 sfRM222,750
16-Feb-20Terrace1,240 sfRM160,000
16-Feb-20Terrace1,399 sfRM350,000
16-Feb-20Terrace1,400 sfRM204,120

Latest Kedah for rent listings:

TodayRoom In House-NA-RM500
YesterdayRoom In House-NA-RM150
YesterdayRoom In House-NA-RM400
YesterdayRoom In House-NA-RM400
YesterdayRoom In House-NA-RM320
YesterdayRoom In House-NA-RM350
17-Feb-20Semi-Detached1,100 sfRM650
14-Feb-20Room In House-NA-RM230
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