Johor, Malaysia

Johor is a state of Malaysia that located in the southern region of the country peninsula. Johor is one of the richest states in Malaysia in terms of GDP, as it is the only state that is located adjacent to Singapore. The population of Johor is around 4 millions, and has a population that consists of around 52% Malays, 33% Chinese, and 10% Indians. The public transportation here is almost non-existent except for some public buses, however its capital city Johor Bahru is located within walkable distance to Singapore.

As for the real estate market, Johor has one of the least affordable housing markets in the country due to it being adjacent to Singapore. Besides, the high property prices here are also due to the government"s development of the Iskandar Economic Region, which promotes foreign direct investment into the state. Most of the foreign investments that flow into the state"s real estate market come from China nationals and Singaporeans.

The following shows the property transactions in Johor over the last few years:

Johor has mostly foreigner-friendly real estate investment policies by the state government, as foreigners can easily buy any residential properties here without any restrictions, as long as the price is above RM1 million. Besides, the state government has been partnering with China-based developers to build mega cities on reclamation land, whereby some are also duty-free such as Forest City.

Latest for sale listings:

Date Type Builtup Price
Today Studio 700 sf RM630,000
Today Condominium 900 sf RM810,000
Today Condominium 1,400 sf RM1,300,000
Today Condominium 1,600 sf RM1,500,000
Today Duplex 1,390 sf RM530,000
Today Condominium 750 sf RM310,000
Today Condominium 916 sf RM366,000
Today Condominium 1,068 sf RM495,000
Today Condominium 830 sf RM228,000
Today Low-Cost Flat 1,078 sf RM320,000

Latest for rent listings:

Date Type Builtup Rental
Today Room In House -NA- RM580
Today Room In House -NA- RM349
Today Condominium 2,000 sf RM5,000
Today Condominium 886 sf RM1,900
Today Condominium 1,200 sf RM3,000
Today Condominium 888 sf RM1,500
Today Shop-Office 1,680 sf RM4,500
Today Shop-Office 990 sf RM1,500
Today Office 1,210 sf RM2,000
Today Retail 1,500 sf RM1,500