LRT Chan Sow Lin Station

LRT Chan Sow Lin Station is an LRT transit station that serves commuters in the neighbourhoods of Taman Ikan Emas and Taman Pudu Ulu.

Latest LRT Chan Sow Lin Station sale listings:

TarikhJenis HartanahBinaanHarga
TodayCondominium883 sfRM648,000
TodayPenthouse1,900 sfRM2,600,000
TodayCondominium883 sfRM880,000
YesterdayCondominium883 sfRM648,000
13 Apr 2024Condominium883 sfRM860,000
13 Apr 2024Low-Cost Flat580 sfRM230,000
13 Apr 2024Low-Cost Flat860 sfRM230,000
10 Apr 2024Condominium694 sfRM799,000
9 Apr 2024Condominium850 sfRM820,000
9 Apr 2024Duplex2,073 sfRM2,100,000

Latest LRT Chan Sow Lin Station for rental listings:

TarikhJenis HartanahBinaanSewaan
TodayMedium Room-NA-RM885
TodayMedium Room-NA-RM935
TodaySingle Room-NA-RM635
TodayMedium Room-NA-RM965
TodayMedium Room-NA-RM915
TodayMedium Room-NA-RM865
TodayMedium Room-NA-RM845
TodayCondominium1,089 sfRM3,400
TodayMedium Room-NA-RM700