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16 Nov 2021

my friend once told me that she always have to worry abt her electrical bills, water bills, cleanliness and even wifi. Shes always exhausted from work and she still have to worry about all this things. she spends extra money sometimes hiring plumber to fix stuff that is broken.
Recently, i met her again. she looks happy and energetic. she told me that she found a really good house owner. Heres the reason:
1) since she moved in, she never worry about her electric, water and wifi bills. she only have to pay for her ac bills that she used.
2) she likes cooking and the house owner provided her some light coking facilities!!
3) she never bother about the cleaniness ever agn
4) she never had to wash her cloth with her hand anymore, the house owner provided her washing machine without her asking.
5)100mbps wifi avaliable for her to watch nexflix without lagging.
6) she never spend any money on maintainence of broken pipes and items, she just need to inform the owner. he will come fix it!-

Please contact me @ +60169883072