Stampin, Kuching

Stampin is a city that is located in Kuching, Sarawak. Some of the notable landmarks in this city include Taman BDC, Green Heights, Gala City, Saradise and RH Plaza. Besides, there are also some shopping malls here, such as Green Heights Mall and Gala Street Mall.

This city has some amenities nearby, such as universities and hospitals. The following are some of the major universities here:

Latest Stampin for sale listings:

18 May 2022Terrace-NA-RM150,000
7 Apr 2022Terrace-NA-RM530,000
14 Feb 2022Terrace1,287 sfRM550,000
26 Jan 2022Low-Cost Flat882 sfRM359,000
25 Jan 2022Low-Cost Flat1,054 sfRM380,000
25 Jan 2022Low-Cost Flat635 sfRM270,000
24 Jan 2022Low-Cost Flat635 sfRM295,000
22 Jan 2022Low-Cost Flat1,054 sfRM440,000
14 Jan 2022Condominium1,711 sfRM520,000

Latest Stampin for rent listings:

26 Jan 2022Commercial Room-NA-RM270
21 Jan 2022Low-Cost Flat916 sfRM2,300
19 Jan 2022House Room-NA-RM300
17 Jan 2022Condominium900 sfRM2,500
15 Jan 2022Low-Cost Flat1,300 sfRM2,500
15 Jan 2022Condominium916 sfRM2,300
15 Jan 2022Low-Cost Flat1,200 sfRM1,500
14 Jan 2022Commercial Room-NA-RM500
14 Jan 2022Condominium920 sfRM3,000
9 Jan 2022Room-NA-RM420
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