Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur

Kuchai Lama is a city that is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is a matured neighbourhood which used to be mainly low-cost flats, medium-cost apartments and houses. Thanks to its strategic location and bustly commercial hubs, many residential developments mushroomed which uplifted the image and boosted the property value in the area. Not to forget, the MRT Kuchai Lama station which is scheduled to be completed in 2022 will also be located in the area.

Some of the notable landmarks in this city are Kuchai Avenue, Spring Avenue, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Taman Kuchai Jaya and Kuchai Sentral.

This city has many amenities nearby, e.g. metro transport stations, universities, hospitals and schools. The following are some metro transport stations here:

As for universities, there are Al Madinah International University, Asia Pacific University Of Technology & Innovation, International Medical University, Karisma International College, Kursk State Medical University, Meritus University and Oneworld Hanxin College 大同韩新学院. There are also some hospitals here, such as Cengild G.I. Medical Centre (Cgi), Hospital The Tun Hussien Onn, Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre and Taman Desa Medical Centre.

Lastly, the schools here are SMK Seri Saujana and SMK Taman Desa.

Latest Kuchai Lama for sale listings:

TodayCondominium1,710 sfRM950,000
TodayCondominium1,550 sfRM900,000
TodayCondominium700 sfRM388,000
TodayCondominium1,927 sfRM770,000
TodayCondominium1,409 sfRM310,000
20 Nov 2021Apartment1,152 sfRM644,000
18 Nov 2021Shop-Office2,723 sfRM2,430,000
18 Nov 2021Shop-Office-NA-RM1,181,000
26 Nov 2021Retail8,000 sfRM2,690,000
26 Nov 2021Retail5,654 sfRM4,200,000

Latest Kuchai Lama for rent listings:

TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM600
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM750
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM700
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM650
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM600
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM285
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM325
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM890
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM700
TodayRoom In Apartment-NA-RM850
3 user comments on Kuchai Lama

Cosy place to call home. On top of a hill so it's always windy. Good community to live in

1. Guard house do not help collect courier parcel
2. Treadmill restore to 2 units from original developer promised 4, and restricted to 20 minutes per use
3. Integral sport field need to pay deposit RM 100-200 per entry, limit to 2 hour
4. One man maintenance, be patient waiting for weeks or months for even small tap water leaking issue
5. Lift breakdown frequently, happen few times all 3 lifts KO, climbed up like a dog

If you are looking for low density with educated tenants, this is the right spot.
It is very convenient in terms of grocery and food. Short walk away from the stay you will see a mini business park with cafe and restaurants.
There's a small Monday night market right beside the road.
And NSK is just a short distance away.
Oh ya, there is a mcDonald in Shell Petrol station! It is located slightly after NSK.