Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu

Tuaran is a city that located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Some of the notable landmarks in this city include Taman Putera Jaya, Bandar Sierra, Taman Telipok Ria, Taman Putera Perdana and Taman Telipok Jaya.

This city has some amenities nearby, for example schools and hospitals. The following are some main schools here:

As for hospitals, there are Kuarters Hospital Tuaran, Tuaran Hospital and Unit Hemodialisis Hospital Tuaran.

Latest Tuaran for sale listings:

17-Apr-19Low-Cost Flat1,007 sfRM219,000
17-Apr-19Low-Cost Flat649 sfRM198,000
27-Mar-19Low-Cost Flat957 sfRM290,000
27-Mar-19Low-Cost Flat712 sfRM210,000
26-Mar-19Low-Cost Flat952 sfRM360,000
26-Mar-19Condominium627 sfRM208,000
26-Mar-19Condominium550 sfRM190,000
25-Mar-19Low-Cost Flat627 sfRM208,000
25-Mar-19Low-Cost Flat506 sfRM290,000
23-Mar-19Condominium608 sfRM70,900

Latest Tuaran for rent listings:

08-Apr-19Low-Cost Flat510 sfRM700
07-Apr-19Low-Cost Flat650 sfRM800
06-Apr-19Studio400 sfRM500
05-Apr-19Condominium650 sfRM850
05-Apr-19Studio400 sfRM600
05-Apr-19Low-Cost Flat650 sfRM650
04-Apr-19Low-Cost Flat550 sfRM550