Komuter Senawang Station

Komuter Senawang Station is a Komuter transit station that serves commuters in the town of Senawang.

Latest Komuter Senawang Station sale listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upPrice
1 Jul 2024Bungalow3,500 sfRM1,100,000
2 May 2024Terrace1,800 sfRM480,000
5 May 2024Terrace1,540 sfRM270,000
21 Mar 2024Terrace-NA-RM145,000
3 Jan 2024Semi-Detached3,600 sfRM1,170,000
5 Jan 2024Terrace1,200 sfRM268,000
3 Nov 2023Semi-Detached3,600 sfRM1,170,000
5 Oct 2023Terrace1,300 sfRM250,000
25 Aug 2023Terrace966 sfRM218,000
15 Aug 2023Retail3,200 sfRM480,000

Latest Komuter Senawang Station for rental listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upRental
26 Apr 2024Terrace1,200 sfRM900
9 Feb 2024Room-NA-RM350
19 Dec 2023Terrace1,700 sfRM1,300
18 Dec 2023Medium Room-NA-RM450
17 Dec 2023Low-Cost Flat650 sfRM680
12 Dec 2023Low-Cost Flat560 sfRM600
9 Oct 2023Commercial Room-NA-RM300
17 Sep 2023Medium Room-NA-RM450
20 Aug 2023Room-NA-RM350
30 Jun 2023Low-Cost Flat665 sfRM950