Gurun, Kedah

Gurun is a city that is located in Kedah, Malaysia. It is located in the north of Sungai Petani, and also well known as the main vegetable and corn producer for Kedah. Therefore, corn stall is one of the attractions here and is the starting point of the Wan Mat Saman canal. The canal is the longest in Malaysia with approximately more than 100 stalls that stretch out until Alor Setar town, where it connects the Sungai Gurun river to the Sungai Kedah river.

The only amenities nearby this city are some schools. Some of the schools here are Bilik Guru @ SMK Gurun, Bilik Guru Kanan & Pk Petang @ SMK Gurun, Desert National School (Center), SJK (C) Choong Hwa, SK Sri Jerai, SM Agama Pekan Gurun and SMK Gurun.

Latest Gurun for sale listings:

04-Jul-19Agricultural Land-NA-RM675,000
21-May-19Terrace1,000 sfRM110,000

Latest Gurun for rent listings:

21-May-19Terrace1,000 sfRM400
21-May-19Terrace1,200 sfRM350
21-May-19Terrace1,200 sfRM500
21-May-19Terrace1,200 sfRM500

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