Alor Setar, Kedah

Alor Setar (also known as Alor Star) is a city that is located in Kedah, Malaysia. Alor Setar, being the capital city of Kedah state, is known for its Malay cultural heritage and traditions. It is home to the magnificent Alor Setar Tower which provides a panoramic view of the city. With its 360-degree view, people can admire the towering structures in the city, view the paddy fields spreading across the horizon and the famous Elephant Hill. Thanks to its cultural diversity, coupled with the modernization, Alor Setar has become an attractive destination for real estate investment opportunities for both local and foreign investors alike. The booming property market has created an ideal platform for people looking to purchase a new home or establish their business here. Thus, Alor Setar is a burgeoning location for real estate investments and continues to attract investors owing to its reasonable property prices and numerous opportunities.

Some of the notable landmarks in this city are Taman Saga, Taman Sri Tandop, Taman Vistana, Taman Mas Indah and Taman Delima @ Gangsa.

This city has some amenities nearby, e.g. schools, universities and hospitals. The following are some of the main schools here:

As for universities, there are Albukhary International University (Aiu), Cyberjaya University College Of Medical Science (Cucms) Cawangan Alor Setar, Open University Malaysia, Sc College and Unitar International University Alor Setar. There are also some hospitals here, such as Kedah Medical Centre and Putra Medical Centre Alor Setar.

Latest Alor Setar sale listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upPrice
TodayCondominium904 sfRM178,200
TodayLow-Cost Flat549 sfRM68,000
12 Jun 2024Terrace-NA-RM460,000
22 Jun 2024Low-Cost Flat549 sfRM70,000
20 Jun 2024Low-Cost Flat550 sfRM88,000
5 Jun 2024Terrace1,100 sfRM200,000
10 Jun 2024Semi-Detached2,000 sfRM630,000

Latest Alor Setar rental listings:

DateProperty TypeBuilt-upRental
3 May 2024Factory7,280 sfRM12,000
25 Apr 2024Terrace-NA-RM1,100
28 Apr 2024Shop-Office1,200 sfRM1,700
30 Apr 2024House Room-NA-RM350
24 Apr 2024Shop-Office3,648 sfRM2,200
29 Apr 2024House Room-NA-RM190
19 Apr 2024Single Room-NA-RM550
15 Apr 2024House Room-NA-RM180
14 Apr 2024Master Room-NA-RM430
6 Mar 2024Master Room-NA-RM450
8 user comments on Alor Setar
21 Apr 2020 @ 7:40 PM

It is a guarded and gated residential area. This area is located near the Alor Setar town.

21 Apr 2020 @ 8:01 PM

This apartment is located next to Alor Setar town and highly accessible. It has poor building maintenance and the lifts frequently break down.

21 Apr 2020 @ 8:18 PM

It is a landed residential area that is located next to Alor Setar town and there are many eateries around here. This area is highly accessible as it is located next to the main road that heads toward the town.

22 Apr 2020 @ 8:37 PM

It is a modern residential area that is surrounded by paddy fields. There are several shop lots near this area that provide amenities such as convenience stores, eateries, and supermarkets.

It is highly accessible as it is situated near to the main road towards Alor Setar town. There are many eateries in this area and it is located next to both primary and secondary schools.

23 Apr 2020 @ 6:43 PM

It is a landed residential area that is highly accessible as it is located next to the PLUS Highway through Alor Setar Utara toll exit.

24 Apr 2020 @ 7:05 PM

It is a landed residential area that is surrounded by paddy fields. It is located next to the Alor Setar town and there are many amenities provided here such as banks, eateries, petrol stations, schools, as well as supermarkets.

28 Apr 2020 @ 6:57 PM

It is a landed residential area that is surrounded by paddy fields. The environment in this area is quite noisy as it is located next to an airport named Sultan Abdul Halim Airport.