Ipoh City Centre, Ipoh

Ipoh City Centre (also known as Pusat Bandaraya Ipoh) is a city that is located in Ipoh, Perak. Some of the notable landmarks in this city are Taman Chateau, Taman Cherry, Taman Jubilee, Greentown Business Centre and Greentown Square.

This city has many amenities nearby, e.g. universities, schools and hospitals. The following are some universities here:

As for schools, there are SJK (C) Pasir Pinji 1, SJK (C) Sam Chai, SJK (C) Yuk Choy, SMK (P) Methodist (Msg) Ipoh, SMK Anderson, SMK Convent Ipoh, SRK Marian Convent, Sekolah Raja Perempuan Taayah and Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman. There are also some hospitals here, such as Fatimah Hospital, Ipoh Hospital Mosque, KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital, Kinta Medical Centre Wellness Block, Kmc Medical Centre, Pantai Hospital Ipoh, Perak Community Specialist Hospital and Unikl Rcmp Medical Centre.

Latest Ipoh City Centre for sale listings:

26 Oct 2020Condominium720 sfRM248,000
26 Oct 2020Low-Cost Flat1,162 sfRM465,000
24 Oct 2020Condominium2,443 sfRM980,000
21 Oct 2020Office5,126 sfRM950,000
18 Oct 2020Semi-Detached-NA-RM1,288,000
7 Oct 2020Condominium1,135 sfRM230,400
17 Oct 2020Condominium1,162 sfRM480,000
16 Oct 2020Low-Cost Flat807 sfRM110,000
15 Oct 2020Condominium2,000 sfRM640,000

Latest Ipoh City Centre for rent listings:

24 Oct 2020Low-Cost Flat1,000 sfRM700
22 Oct 2020Condominium1,000 sfRM1,400
21 Oct 2020Office1,100 sfRM1,500
21 Oct 2020Office1,700 sfRM2,300
17 Oct 2020Condominium1,100 sfRM2,200
17 Oct 2020Condominium1,100 sfRM2,300
13 Oct 2020Condominium1,400 sfRM1,800
12 Oct 2020Room In House-NA-RM470
12 Oct 2020Room In House-NA-RM380
11 Oct 2020Condominium1,162 sfRM2,400
2 user comments on Ipoh City Centre

It is located in the centre of Ipoh town and it has good building management with good security. The management did not allow homestay in this apartment.

30 Apr 2020 @ 6:52 PM

This apartment is strategically located in the centre of Ipoh town. It has a poor building management and the facilities are not well-maintained with several cleanliness issues.