Land+ FAQ




Q:How do I register for an account on Land+?

A:There is no need for manual registration, just click login and link to your email or Facebook account. Do not worry, your listings will not appear in your Facebook account.

Q:I'm interested in a property but I can't find the contact info of the poster. What should I do?

A:Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do if the poster forgot to include his / her contact info in the listing description. However, we would like to recommend that you look at other listings instead.

Q:My phone number appear in a listing I didn't post. What should I do?

A:Please report it to our live chat so that we can look into it and remove the listing.

Q:I have a problem but it could not be resolved by your live chat. What should I do?

A:Send us an email at so that our technical support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q:Is it free to post property listings on Land+?

A:Absolutely yes. You can post unlimited property listings on Land+ for free.

Q:How do I post a property listing on Land+?

A:Firstly, you need to login to your dashboard before you can start posting a property listing on Land+. After that, click for sale or for rent to post your listing.

Q:How long does my listing last on Land+?

A:Your listing will remain active for 300 days, after this period it will expire. That means it will not be shown in our search results, to continue showing your listing you need to Refresh it.

Q:Do I have to provide phone number in my listing description?

A:It is recommended to include phone number in your listing description so interested parties can contact you. Alternatively, you can also add your phone number to your profile. However, if you are not comfortable providing your phone number, please provide an alternative way of contacting you in the description of your listing.

Q:How do I edit / delete my listing?

A:You may edit or delete your listing from your dashboard.

Q:How do I add photos to my listing?

A:You will first need to find the listing on your dashboard then click Edit and then Save & Next, it will then lead you to the photo uploading page. You may choose to upload your own photos or select from our existing photos in Cloud.

Q:I tried to post my listing but it shows "Property can't be found". What should I do?

A:Do drop us a message at our live chat with the details of the property and we will update it as soon as possible. E.g. K Residence, KLCC - Coordinates: 3.1595678379, 101.7133004073, as well as other useful details.

Q:I tried to upload my photo but it shows "Photo is invalid". What should I do?

A:First of all, please make sure that the photo you upload is in JPEG or PNG format. If you are unable to upload photos in the mentioned format, please drop us an email at with the photos attached, so that we can further look into the matter.

Q:How do I increase clicks to my listing?

A:You can boost your listing to increase clicks. In order to boost your listing, first you need to look for the listing you want to boost in your dashboard and make sure that the quality score is 100%. After that, click Boost and continue with payment on the next page.

Q:How do I check my listing quality score?

A:Look for your listing in your dashboard. The quality score is located next to your listing status.

Q:Will my listing be shown if the quality score is not 100%?

A:Yes, it will still be shown but we will advise to try achieve 100% because listings with higher quality score will appear first in our search results.