Pinggiran Ampang, Ampang

Pinggiran Ampang is a city that located in Ampang, Selangor. Some of the notable landmarks in this city are Taman Permai Jaya, Ampang Saujana, Taman Dagang Permai, Taman Dagang Jaya and Lembah Jaya Selatan.

This city has many amenities nearby, e.g. schools, metro transport stations, universities and hospitals. The following are some schools here:

As for metro transport stations, there are LRT Ampang, LRT Cahaya, LRT Cempaka and LRT Pandan Indah. There are also some universities here, such as Community College Ampang, Fed International College and Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia.

Lastly, the hospitals here are Hospital Ampang and Pantai Hospital Ampang.

Latest Pinggiran Ampang for sale listings:

16-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat650 sfRM180,000
15-Feb-19Semi-Detached3,595 sfRM190,000
15-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat657 sfRM106,000
15-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat657 sfRM100,000
15-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat657 sfRM155,000
15-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat700 sfRM123,000
14-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat660 sfRM205,000
13-Feb-19Condominium1,031 sfRM450,000
10-Feb-19Terrace1,600 sfRM650,000
10-Feb-19Terrace1,900 sfRM1,200,000

Latest Pinggiran Ampang for rent listings:

14-Feb-19Terrace1,540 sfRM900
14-Feb-19Terrace2,000 sfRM2,200
14-Feb-19Terrace770 sfRM1,000
11-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat836 sfRM1,000
10-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat700 sfRM750
10-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat800 sfRM950
10-Feb-19Low-Cost Flat762 sfRM1,000
08-Feb-19Terrace1,500 sfRM1,500
06-Feb-19Room In Apartment-NA-RM250
03-Feb-19Room In House-NA-RM250